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I mainly weave scarves and pictures. Whilst my woollen scarves which cost around 30 sell well, I was 

pleased to sell some more expensive wraps at both Abingdon Craft Fair and Ardington School of 

Crafts Christmas Fair in the Autumn.


A selection of my pictures is available at North Farm Gallery in the Isles of Scilly  during the season 

Visitors are also welcome to see my work at my home in Oxfordshire. Contact me on 01235 833361


I teach at Ardington School of Crafts.

Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving 5 April 2019

Weave two samples on looms which have been set up with the warp threads at different spacing.  The patterns will be produced by using two shuttles in various sequences to put the weft in place.  You will also be shown how to thread the loom


Samples woven on a rigid heddle loom Above left Both warp and weft showing

Above right

White warp completely covered by the coloured weft.


Weaving Stripes and Zigzags 12.6.2019

Weave two samples. One on a rigid heddle loom and one on. a 4-shaft loom.

Above Rigid heddle and four shaft looms

Right Twills woven with four shafts



Weaving Workshop. 28-29 September 2019

An opportunity to experiment with some of the many possibilities provided 

by this craft as well as learning to how to thread up looms. It is aimed at 

those who have done some weaving as well as complete beginners.


Most of the looms will be threaded up. There are more than 70 four shaft patterns 

to choose from. Most of the rigid heddle looms will be set up so that the weft 

dominates the design, allowing you to experiment with rug and tapestry weaving methods.  

The samples you create can be made up into small bags or used as mats. 

You will have the chance to weave on a rigid heddle loom set up for fabric weaving..



You could also use the rigid heddle loom to weave a small scene or create textured weaves


I also teach at my home in East Hendred, Oxfordshire 


Recent weaving

I am completing an interesting commission for St John the Baptist Church in Burford.  

The bell ringers have mats on the floor of the Ringing Chamber to protect the bell ropes f

rom the floor. After some 70 years they are wearing out and I am weaving four replacements.




My article Varying the twill was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the 

Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

You can also read a follow up article Point Twill and much more

More about my weaving


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