In 2018 I had an interesting commission for St John the Baptist Church in Burford. The bell ringers have mats on the floor of the Ringing Chamber to protect the bell ropes from the floor. After some 70 years they were wearing out and I have woven four replacements


Left Plain weave mat on loom. Right twill mat and plain weave mat in the ringing chamber

Mats for Bell Ringers


Left - herringbone scarf on my floor loom


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See right - I often dye the warp before putting it on the loom. I normally use enough warp for two scarves and dip half of it in the dye bath, I then dye the gaps on one half a second colour and on the other a third. I adjust the warp to give the "spikes" before winding on. I mostly use plain weave 


Two scarves woven on my 8 shaft loom. The extra shafts allow the twill patterns to be moved around. I used silk noil for the warp and fine wool for the weft with both scarves. I wear the completed one a lot

Rugs and mats

I wove several rugs when I first had a 4 shaft floor loom. Most of them have been plain weave as with weft faced weaving many patterns are possible

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A twill rug on my floor loom which I wove for a friend