I started weaving on a frame which my Mother bought in 1978. I wove one side of a bag and some pictures. I also experimented on her four shaft loom and I was fascinated by the range of patterns that could be made with a weft faced weave on a simple threading.
Having taken over my Mother’s floor loom in 1989, I did a course with Martin Weatherhead during which I wove a rug. 


 The next year I did another course with  Martin when I dip Ikat dyed a warp and wove some curtains. He taught me many basic techniques including his method of warping which I always use. This allowed me to develop my skills over a number of years by making more rugs, as well as curtains, table mats, cushions and scarves. Some ten years later I started using the dip ikat technique for weaving  scarves and wraps (see above) . It is a great way of weaving two or more unique scarves on one warp
In 2001 I bought a Louet 8 shaft table loom and did a week’s course with Riitta Sitkonnen Davies. As a result I had so many ideas that I decided that I must find more time by working part time. My pictures are the main outcome of Ritta's course 
 I like working with colour as well as experimenting with weave structures. Plain or simple twill weaves are often the most effective way of using coloured yarns. Helped by a days dyeing with Janet Phillips, I started to dye my own yarns using acid dyes. i also enjoy experimenting with natural dyes but it is not easy to get a good range of colours (and impossible to get the turquoise for my Scilly pictures)
Even if I limit myself to making scarves and pictures, I have enough ideas to keep weaving for years. However, I also want to find time to weave some chair seats and some linen place mats using double weave


A scarf being woven on my 8 shaft loom with another beside it which is lovely to wear. Both are woven on a silk warp with a fine wool weft. The pattern is known as "advancing" because the extra shafts allow the pattern to be moved around. 


A twill rug which I wove for a friend on my floor loom

Mats for Bell Ringers

In 2018 I had an interesting commission for St John the Baptist Church in Burford. The bell ringers have mats on the floor of the Ringing Chamber to protect the bell ropes from the floor. After some 70 years they were wearing out and I have woven four replacements