Handwoven Scarves

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I love weaving and wearing scarves.  I use commercially spun silk yarn for most of my scarves. This weaves into light fabric which washes well and does not crease much.  I also use alpaca,  cashmere and merino.

My best selling silk scarves are  woven using two strands of silk for each warp thread and several strands of fine silk for the weft.  The warp is dyed using a type of ikat technique before it is woven

Doubling the silk threads means that they can be woven further apart. (12 threads an inch rather than 20). This means that they are quicker to make. 

They sell in the range 50-75.




I also weave scarves using two  threads of lambs -wool and  and one of silk for each warp thread .  I use a variety of types of thread for the weft



For this scarf, I used a strand of baby alpaca, a strand of alpaca merino blend and a strand of silk for the warp for two scarves. Four strands of fine silk was used for this one which sold quickly.  I could not bear to part with the other for which I used strands of silk cashmere mix and fine alpaca. It is magenta and gery

I also weave wider widths for wraps or Ruanas (like a poncho but open in front)

 I have included red to represent berries in a Winter Garden. The warp is double knitting wool and the weft alpaca/wool blend

This represents daffodils and bluebells in the spring gardern. The warp is lambswool and silk and the weft silk  



Last updated 13/09/2017