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Weaving courses in East Hendred     

I run courses for a maximum of four people with two or three being the preferred number.  People can do different options on the same day. This allows them to see a wider range of weaving,


I have a floor loom, three 4 shaft table looms an inkle loom and six rigid heddle looms which I use for teaching. I normally weave on another 4 shaft table loom and 8 shaft table loom and a floor loom but can make these available


The prices given are based on 5 hours of weaving. 


A flexible range of options includes:


Taster Course. Have a go on a table loom, a rigid heddle loom, and an inkle loom.  You will then weave a sampler to take away on one of them. A range of types of weaving will be discussed.  A full or half day is suitable (50/30 including yarns)


Experiment with twill weaves

You will weave a sampler using various lifts on a four shaft loom which has been threaded up in three or more sections.(50  )  


To see some of the patterns you can weave, see Varying the twill which was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers   and Point Twill and much more


Explore overshot weaving

You will experiment with various lifts and yarns on a four shaft loom that has been set up with an overshot threading.   If you come for two days you could weave a cushion cover on the second day (55)


Rug weaving techniques

Weave a sampler experimenting colour combinations. Many interesting effects can be obtained with plain weave but you could also experiment with twill weaves if you use a four shaft loom (50 plus weft yarns at cost)


Tapestry Techniques

Weave a sampler on a rigid heddle loom experimenting with tapestry techniques (50)


Weave a Scene

Weave a scene on a rigid heddle loom using tapestry techniques. (50)

More details of the weaving a scene course


Putting a warp on a 4 shaft loom

I recommend two or three sessions a week or two apart so that you can weave on the warp. A woollen scarf is a good starting project.


Have a go at 8 shaft weaving

Double weave and shadow weave are two possible threadings with which you can experiment (55)


Dyeing Day (max 2 summer only)

Participants will dye skeins of wool a range of colours using acid dyes The theory of colour mixing will be explained. Weaving will be an option during the afternoon and random dyeing will be covered. (50including dyes and fine yarns. Thicker yarns available at cost)


Natural Dyeing Day(max 2 summer only)

Participants will dye skeins of yarn using natural dyes including madder and logwood. A brief history of dyeing will be given. Weaving will be an option during the afternoon. (50 including dyes and fine yarns. Thicker yarns available at cost)


weaving Workshop at your venue


I charge 30 a student (Maximum 8 minimum 4)  

Participants will be able weave a sample of plain weaving on a rigid heddle loom and have a go at pattern weaving on 4 shaft looms. A range of types of weaving will be discussed.   


Please ring to discuss other possibilities


Last updated 26/11/2017